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Not all links are created equal

Are you tired of long and ugly links that look suspicious to your audience?

Or, maybe you've tried using short links with random letters, but they also leave your audience feeling uncertain about what's on the other end. Are you ready for some good news or are you ready for some good news? Not all links are created equal. In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of short vs smart links and explore why it's not the size but the quality of the link that truly matters. So get ready to learn how to connect with your audience through intelligent video links.

LongURL’s vs shortURL’s vs SmartURL’s

LongURL’s are ugly, look suspicious and take too many characters. But it's not just about aesthetics and effectiveness, they also look suspicious, raising concerns about whether clicking on the link could lead to security risks or malicious content. Another downside is that long links take up valuable real estate, especially when you're limited in character count as in social media posts or email subject lines. This means it's essential to make every character count.

Short links have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to save space in social media posts and other digital platforms. is one of the most commonly used short link services available today. However, while these links may be useful for saving characters, they often look suspicious to users. The main issue with using random letter combinations for your short links is that it can make people hesitant to click on them. Users are cautious about clicking on unfamiliar or seemingly shady URLs that could lead them down a path of spammy content or even malware.

When it comes to professional settings where trust and authenticity matter much more than character count relying solely on shortened links can hurt your credibility and reputation. To avoid appearing untrustworthy while still benefitting from the benefits of shorter URLs, consider using intelligent short links instead. These types of links provide context around what users can expect after clicking through your hyperlink. Add your own domain name and create a branded distribution platform of your videos.

If you want your audience to click confidently on all of your links, take advantage of smart linking solutions like those offered by which allow you not only create memorable branded video domain names but also give enough information about what's waiting at the end after visitors click on your links.

It's not the size but the quality of the link that matters

Take for instance, a YouTube channel with over 700K followers. They create a short link to every song they upload.,,, You get the idea.

Note that intelligent links are not necessarily shorter. For instance, is way shorter than but there are important differences.

1)    The first link says nothing, the second one anticipates what you are about to see, a video with acousticlub’s version of the song “How deep is your love”.

2)    The link promotes the brand while the second, promotes the brand acousticlub

3)    The random link offers no guarantees while the second is 100% secure because it redirects to trusted platforms, YouTube, TkTok, Twitch and Vimeo, not sites that may contain malaware

Intelligent links are the future of URL shortening. They provide a clear indication to the audience about what they can expect after they click on it. Unlike generic short links, intelligent links give context and information that makes them more trustworthy. If someone sends you an intelligent link to a video, for example, you'll be able to tell if the content is something you're interested in or not before even clicking on it.

Intelligent links also help with branding efforts. By adding your brand name or keywords into the URL, audiences will immediately recognize your company when seeing these shortened URLs online. It's an excellent way to increase visibility and recognition for businesses looking for new ways to stand out from their competitors.


When it comes to links, size doesn't always matter. What matters is the quality of the link itself. Short links may save space, but they can also look suspicious and untrustworthy. Instead of opting for random letters and numbers in a short URL, consider using intelligent links on .TUBE domains that tell your audience what video to expect after clicking.

One great option for creating branded video links is through By claiming a TUBE domain from, you can let the world know that you mean business when it comes to video content. So why not take advantage of this opportunity and start building trust with your target audience today?