Make your URLs stand out with our easy to use free link shortener. If you’re contributing content to the online world, you need a URL shortener. Links.Tube is URL shortener where you can create and manage short links and track their click statistics.

What is a URL shortener?

Y.Tube is a URL Shortener for creating branded short links. Short links created in y.TUBE can be short links on y.tube, on additional tube domains available in the platform or on your own custom domain.

Short URL’s are

  • shorter,
  • more descriptive and
  • more memorable

Than the long addresses of your videos.

Compare https://youtu.be/RoHeJp-NgSA?list=PLH...6v5hI8R9MHqeYb1AbVod to https://acousticlub.tube/heyjude.

Just by reading the short URL people get a good idea about where the link will lead and what they will find in it before they click it.

Link shorteners transform any long URL https://youtu.be/RoHeJp-NgSA?list=PLHUgsk1...v5hI8R9MHqeYb1AbVod into a shorter, more readable link https://acousticlub.tube/heyjude. When a user clicks the shortened version, they’re automatically forwarded to the destination URL.

TUBE URL Shortener also allows you to use your own name, aliases otherwise known as back-half of a short link, so that each short link can be perfectly readable to the audience and generate more clicks than in the case of a long YouTube URL

A link shortener is a tool that transforms your long links into shorter ones. Our TUBE® tool can drastically shorten your long links and still reliably direct to the same web pages. To use our link shortener, the user only has to copy and paste their long link into our tool and we condense it into a more shareable link.

What is a short link?

A short link is a link that has been shortened with a URL shortener. The short link redirects to the target URL. y.TUBE's URL shortener allows you to create, manage, change, redirect and view statistics of your Short Links. You can change the back-half of a short link or the destination of shor links you own.

What is a branded short link?

A branded short link is a link that has been shortened using your own domain. That’s why they are also branded because they are created with your custom domain. With TUBE you can also create and manage branded short links. In TUBE, you can add multiple branded custom domains to create branded short links.

Benefits of a short URL

How many people can even remember a long web address, especially if it has tons of characters and symbols? A short URL can make your link more memorable. Not only does it allow people to easily recall and share your link with others, it can also dramatically improve traffic to your content.

whether you’re looking to engage with your customers offline or online, a short URL is also easier to incorporate and consumes less space, characters or valuable real estate in your home page.

TUBE is the best URL shortener for video creators, influencers, youtubers and small brands to large enterprises, who are looking for a simple way to create, track and manage their links.

What is a custom URL shortener?

A custom URL shortener, sometimes referred to as a branded URL shortener, lets you brand your links. Instead of using our “my.tube” you create short links using your domain

There are several benefits of using your domain to create branded short links. Build trust between your audience and your business, drive more clicks, give your audience a preview of where they are being taken and increase brand awareness.

A link shortening service that includes custom short URLs is vital to improving audience engagement with your communications. A short URL is good, but a custom URL works every time.

A custom URL shortener or custom link shortener is a tool that allows you to edit short links and adapt them to your needs - so as to increase click-through rates.

TUBE is a custom URL shortener that allows advanced editing of short links so that you can support your brand.

With TUBE you can edit your short links in many ways.

  • You can create random short links where the front half of the short link is y.tube and the back part is a random string of characters. Example y.tube/Po6hK
  • By creating an account you can edit the back part of your link in any way to make it more readable for your audience. Example y.tube/mytriptoguam
  • If you upgrade to Premium, you can use any of the additional domains available and create more targeted short links
  • Or you can use your own domain name to change the front-half of the short link and create short links that will support your brand

What is a QR Code?

Quick response or QR code is a matrix, two-dimensional, square graphic code (a type of barcode) that that can store a multitude of information and allows you to quickly access the information encoded in it.

Can you generate and customize a QR Code for a short link in y.TUBE?

Yes - TUBE allows you to generate QR codes for all short links and customize by changing colors. If the black and white QR code become boring for you, in y.TUBE you can create QR cdes that link directly to your videos and the QR code to reflect your brand.

Why choose TUBE?

With TUBE, you can create, manage, and edit short links. You’ll have full control over and instant access to link analytics. Generating QR codes is a breeze, and distributing links across social media, via SMS or messaging platforms, or internally among colleagues, all while tracking your clicks or scans is made easy with TUBE.

Whether you’re sharing one link or scan or millions, our platform was built to help you make every point of connection between your content and your audience ignite action.

TUBE is a comprehensive all-in-one Link Management Platform that provides a simple yet advanced way to manage your video links - to support your brand growth and generate more clicks from your short links.

TUBE is constantly evolving and expanding its offer in order to offer even better services that will support your activities and your brand.

Does the short link expire? How long a short link created in TUBE last?

The short link in TUBE does not expire. There is no limit to the lifespan of a short url. If you want, you can delete the short link yourself.

Can I shorten long URLs and use TUBE for free?

Yes, you can shorten the links on TUBE and use them for free. But cannot track its statistics.

It is worth registering on the TUBE website and shortening the links in your own dashboard - thanks to this you will have more options for editing and managing the link and also view the link’s statistics.

By using subscription plans in TUBE, you have more options in terms of domains or add your own domain to fully personalize and manage your short links.

Does TUBE allow you to add your own custom domains, branded domains?

Yes, TUBE is an advanced URL shortener where you can add your own custom domain to use for URL shortening.

You can add multiple custom domains of your own to use for URL shortening.

What is a Link Analytics Platform?

The link analytics platform allows you to collect statistics on link clicks. It is an advanced tool that allows you to track clicks on short links.

TUBE is a Link Analytics platform that has extensive statistics of short links clicks.

TUBE allows you to track clicks on short links in a clear way and on clear graphs.

The analytical data collected when opening short links is:

  • Number of clicks;
  • Source of clicks - present sources of redirects from other sources or from other social media not included in the Source of clicks;
  • Referrals - sources of redirects;
  • Devices - devices from which the click occurred, incl. tablet, phablet, mobile phone, TV with internet browsing application, desktop computer, console and more;
  • Operating system (OS) - advanced link analytics shows you which system the click came from, and for each system you can also see the version of the system;
  • Browsers - shows the browser from which the click was made as well as the browser version;
  • Device brands - shows the brands of devices from which the short link was clicked, and for each device brand you can also check the version of the device; Languages - shows what languages were set on the device when clicking on a short link;
  • Geographic location - list of countries from which the short link was clicked;
  • Bots - Bots do not count towards the total number of clicks, but the option to monitor short links clicks by bots is available from the Single subscription plan.

How to buy a domain?

If you don't have a personal branded domain, you can buy the domain via Google Domains. The advantage is that no configuration steps are required. The domain will be automatically activated.

How can I forward my short domain to another website?

The "Main page redirect" option routes visitors from your short domain to any webpage. If users visit the short branded domain (e.g., shortdomain.com), they will be redirected to the specified page. This is very useful if you want to redirect visitors to your main website.