Links.Tube - Learn On How To use Short Links Promote Your Videos Online

The most effective and least expensive tool to promote your videos online

Are you struggling to promote your videos online? Do you want a tool that can effectively boost your video's visibility without breaking the bank?

Look no further than custom short links. These powerful marketing assets replace generic links with recognizable domains and words, making them stand out across channels and generate more clicks. And the best part? They're affordable, sometimes even free! Let us explore how custom video links can be the most effective and least expensive tool for promoting your videos online.

Make your links powerful marketing assets

In today's competitive video space it's not enough to just have a channel and create great videos. You need to promote them effectively, bring traffic to them and make sure they reach your target audience. One of the most powerful tools for doing so is custom video links.

Custom links replace generic URLs and random characters (like with your chosen domain name (like and your own words (world record), making them informative and recognizable (like Doing this consistently helps build brand recognition and trust among your viewers, who will be more likely to click on a link they recognize and that anticipates what they are about to see in words they understand.

But custom video links do much more than just look good. They're also trackable, meaning you can monitor clicks and engagement levels in real-time. This data allows you to fine-tune your marketing strategy and optimize future campaigns for maximum impact.

Another benefit of custom video links is that they're incredibly versatile. You can use them in social media posts, email newsletters, blog articles or any other type of online content where you want to drive traffic back to your website or YouTube channel.

There's no denying that custom video links are a must-have tool for any business or individual looking to promote their videos online. By making your links powerful marketing assets rather than forgettable footnotes at the bottom of a page, you'll be able to boost visibility and engagement levels with ease!
Advantages of replacing “” with your chosen domain name (custom video links)
With custom video links, you can replace our generic “” with your own domain name, making it easier for viewers to recognize and remember your brand. We have summarized the advantages of custom links in one simple word: ACT that stands for Affordability, Consistency and Trustworthiness

1)    Affordability - You don't need a big budget or technical expertise to create customized URLs for each of your videos.
2)    Consistency - all of your videolinks will have the same “look and feel”, no matter where they are shared or embedded
3)    Trustworthiness - When people see a link with your brand name in it, they are more likely to trust the source and click through to watch the video

If you're looking for an effective and cost-effective way to promote your videos on line - be sure not overlook the power of custom video links!


So there you have it, video links are a powerful and cost-effective tool to promote your videos online. With custom links, you can make your links recognizable across all channels and direct more traffic to your website or landing page. And the best part? They are often free or relatively inexpensive.

For less than the price of a steak dinner for two, Links.Tube offers you the most powerful and secure video links creator in the market. Sign up to our GOLD service and claim a free TUBE domain name to begin creating your custom video links. Or sign up to the BRONZE service and do it all for free on any of our domains. 

By utilizing video links in your marketing strategy, you can increase visibility for your videos and ultimately boost engagement with your audience. So don't overlook this valuable tool - start incorporating custom video links into your promotion plan today!